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Website Hosting

Blazing fast website hosting without the confusion. 


My server stacks are in UK data centres. My servers use NVMe drives and the latest AMD EPYC CPU’s for unrivalled performance benefits right from the start.

Website optimisation is enabled on all websites hosted by myself*, utilising mod_pagespeed by Google and Varnish Cache, this boosts website speed even more!

Then if that wasn’t enough I also integrate Cloudflare, this allows static content to be cached and provided by Cloudflare’s Content Delivery Network.



Security is an important aspect of any web host and it is something I take extremely seriously. 

As a result I use a variety of tactics to prevent unwanted visitors or bots from accessing or attempting to cause disruption to our websites. 

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I fully understand that hosting a website can be totally confusing, there are so many variations and the jargon can be totally overwhelming!

I aim to make it simple. If you website was designed by me then it will automatically be hosting on my hosting. However if you wish to have your existing website hosting on my servers then I can take care of the entire process from start to finish.


Web hosting is a service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web. Essentially, it provides the infrastructure and technologies needed for a website to be viewed online.

Yes, I offer domain registration services to help you secure a unique domain name for your website. You can register a new domain or transfer an existing one to my platform for seamless management.

Yes, I provide website performance optimisation services to improve your website’s speed, responsiveness, and overall user experience. My optimisation techniques may include caching, image optimization, code optimization, and CDN (Content Delivery Network) integration.

Yes of course! A small charge may apply, but I will migrate your website from your existing provider to my platform with minimal downtime. 

Unlike most traditional host I do not offer set plans. Each plan is bespoke to the client and their hosting requirements. Contact Me for more information regarding your requirements. 

In short, any type of website can be hosted on my platform. However, it is optimised for website made using WordPress.

Yes, I provide SSL certificates totally FREE! This ensures secure communication between your website and its visitors. SSL encryption is essential for protecting sensitive information and improving trustworthiness.

I offer various backup solutions, all websites on my platform are subject to automated daily backups, and off-site backups, to safeguard your website’s data. Regular backups are essential for restoring your website in case of data loss or unexpected incidents.

So you want fast and secure web hosting?

Website hosting from a local business, for local businesses.